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Saskia’s Flower Essences

– Saskia Marjoram's flower power may help with stress, anxiety, sleep and self-development

Developing a deep understanding of plants and flowers – and how they interact with humans – whilst she was a professional gardener,  led Saskia Marjoram to start producing her own flower essences.

First developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920s and 1930s, flower essences are extreme dilutions of specific flowers, which are said to contain a plant’s vibrational energy. If someone takes a few drops of a flower essence, this energy is said to pass onto them. Similarly, characteristics attributed to each plant – ‘clear and focused’ peppermint, for example – can also be passed on. According to Saskia, flower essences can help with all sorts of issues, including stress, anxiety and low self-confidence as well as self development.

Flower essences are usually taken as drops under the tongue as a single dose, for a few days or many weeks.  They can be put into drinking water or added to your bath.

Saskia also uses essences to make aromatic sprays, by mixing them with the aromatic waters (hydrosols) created by distilling plants in a traditional copper alembic still. These can be used around the house or sprayed straight onto the skin. Saskia says that as the energetics and aromatic components of the plants are preserved, you can clear and shift energies and enhance your environment. Saskia also runs workshops where you can learn how to distill your own hydrosols.

Saskia offers personal consultations where she dowse your own combination of essences.  Sessions cost £25 and include a bottle of essence. You can also buy single and combination essences and sprays online from Saskia’s website and stockist including Hauser & Wirth in Bruton.

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